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I heard with my left ear that network providers are making less from calls and SMS due to the availability of Apps like WhatsApp, Imo, BBM, Facebook Messenger and Telegram. These applications still need internet data to function. All Airtel 2016 data plans are listed below and it is the updated list of Airtel data meant for us all to enjoy in powering your application.


Airtel Daily Data Plans
Airtel 30MB for ₦100: This data plan is valid for just 24 hours and meant for quickly replying a message of checking up something important online. To Subscribe for Airtel 30MB for ₦100 Dial *410#

Airtel 50MB for ₦300: Priced at ₦200 on their official web page and it is valid for 3 days. You can surf the internet with the 50MB allocated to you for ₦200. To subscribe for Airtel 50MB for ₦300, Dial *412#

Airtel 5 days Pack 25MB (5MB daily) for ₦100: Although the data allocated to this bundle compared to the first bundle listed is small. For ₦100, you’d get 5MB every day for 5days to surf the internet. To subscribe for Airtel 25 MB for ₦100, dial *401#

Airtel Weekly Data Plans
Airtel 750MB for ₦500: For just 500 Naira, you will be given 750MB to do all you can online for 14 days. MTN similar data plan is just for 7 days, but Airtel’s is better because of the 2 weeks validity. To subscribe for Airtel 750MB for ₦500 Dial *418#

Airtel Monthly Data Plans
Airtel 1.5GB for ₦1000: Airtel offers you 1.5GB worth of data for ₦1,000. This plan is their Android 1.0 plan but as stated on their website, this plan works for all devices and the plan is valid for one month. To subscribe for Airtel 1.5GB for ₦1000, dial *496#

Airtel 3.5GB for ₦2000: For just ₦2000, you will get 3.5 GB which is also valid for 30 days and usable on all devices. This plan is perfect for the everyday internet user who sometimes stream videos and download clips. To subscribe for Airtel 3.5GB for ₦2000, dial *437#

Airtel 5GB for ₦2,500: For ₦2,500, you get 5GB to surf the web anyhow you want for 30 days. To opt-in to Airtel 5GB for ₦2,500 plan, dial *437*1#

Airtel 7GB for ₦3,500: For ₦3,500, you get 7GB of data which is valid for just one month. You can surf the net anyhow you want on your smartphone, stream YouTube video or tune in to NetFlix any time you wish. To subscribe to this bundle for Airtel 7GB for N3,500, dial *438#

Airtel 12GB for ₦5,000: Valid for 30 days, you can get a whopping 12GB for just ₦5000. To subscribe for Airtel 12GB for N5, 000, dial *452#

Airtel 24GB for ₦8,000: Also valid for 30 days, you get a staggering 24GB for ₦8,000. To opt in, dial *460#

250MB for ₦300 Opera Monthly Bundle
This bundle is Airtel’s famous Opera monthly bundle for just 28 days. Airtel’s Opera monthly plan cost just 300 Naira. The Opera bundle was for checking emails, Quora, Nairaland, and many more sites.

This plan only works for opera mini. Opera mini is very good at data compression.

To subscribe for Airtel Opera Mini bundle, dial *885*1# 

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  1. Airtel is costly but Glo is cheap in terms of data plan bandwidth.

  2. Oluwatobi Allen11 April 2017 at 18:32

    Thanks for posting this full list of Airtel Internet bundles. God bless you

    Pls continue to share information like this one, especially the one that is related to internet data plans as well as Airtel tariff plans