Friday, 11 November 2016



Whatsapp is rolling out to major update to us very soon.  The two updates to be added are, Audio in background and 2 step authentication to improve security features. Security is a major factor which makes quite a lot of people to prefer using BBM over Whatsapp. Now that security is about to be addressed further, expect your company CEO on whatsapp soon.


Background Audio Play back
You can now play Audio messages in the background without keeping WhatsApp open and staying within the conversation before you hear any voice message received in it. You can switch to other conversation, apps etc as long as the audio messages aren’t finish, it will keep playing.

2 step Authentication
Though we’ve been waiting for this to manifest and now, we have WhatsApp 2-factor authentication. This new features has gone live on the latest beta version of whatsapp (2.16.341 and above, maybe even earlier).

Go to account settings in WhatsApp, you'll see a new Two-step verification option. Tap it to get to a screen that explains what 2-step verification is and get the option to enable it.

Enter a 6-digit passcode that you'll be asked for each time you try to register your phone number with WhatsApp, and confirm it. You'll also need to give an email address that'll be used to reset your passcode should you forget it.

Once that's done, two-step verification will be active on your phone number. No one will be able to activate WhatsApp with the same phone number unless they have the passcode or access to the email account to reset it.

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