Monday, 19 December 2016



The Minister of Science & Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the ownership of MTN Nigeria. Speaking today at the during the inaugural press conference of the Computer-Based Test, (CBT) Centre Proprietors’ Association of Nigeria, (CPAN), he said MTN is also being owned by the Indians and challenge Nigerians to come together and buy into the economy.


According to him:
“Not less than 75 percent ownership of MTN has been acquired by Indians.”

“Indians are gradually buying over MTN in Nigeria now and one of the bad things about this development is that the Indians now have the capacity to administer what MTN does by physically employing Nigerians.”

“They want the capacity to do that from their country and if we in Nigeria allow all these opportunities to go, it will not speak well.”

“You people are doing a great work. The government does not want people from other countries to come and take away our technology. I believe that if we have associations like CPAN, they can regroup from the telecom companies they can take back what Indians have taken away from Nigeria.”

“MTN Nigeria is actually a Nigerian company, they came from South Africa but who are the people doing the work, are they not Nigerians?”

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